Looking for the cheapest car insurance?

Which insurance company is the cheapest?

None of them are the cheapest for every single motorist. They all have different prices for different drivers because they all have their own ways of calculating the premiums.You can look for the cheapest quote for you by comparing prices on a cheap car insurance site such as PrudentPlus.com.

Some of them for instance put more reliance upon the type of car that someone is driving; for example a very safe driver living in a peaceful neighbourhood but driving a high powered car in a high insurance class may be offered a higher premium by one insurer that has had bad experiences of cars like this than by another company which is more concerned with the driver's safety record than the car itself.

Conversely, another insurance company may have had a higher than average level of claims from the age range of that particular motorist and so this could result in a higher premium, whilst another company could have a far lower level of claims from the same age range and could therefore offer lower premiums!

Which factors affect car insurance premiums?

The main ones are:

The car you drive: some have abetter safety record than others, and some cost less to repair than others, and so they can qualify for lower premiums.

What sort of extras your car has fitted: extra safety features such as lane guidance systems and multiple airbags can reduce the possibility of accidents as well as their severity. Also, security systems such as trackers can reduce the risks of a car being stolen which can also cause a reduction in premium.

How the car is used: lower mileages mean, statistically, less risk of accidents. Driving during quieter times during the day is much less likely to lead to a bump than driving regularly in heavy traffic, during the night or at weekends.

Your postcode: some parts of the UK suffer far higher motoring claims either because of accidents, or crime.

Where your car is kept overnight: cars are much safer when locked in a garage than left parked by the roadside where they can be damaged by passing vehicles, vandalised or stolen.

Who drives your car: many insurance companies are more than happy for older and more experienced drivers to be included on a policy because they are more likely to ensure that the car is properly looked after (and their own no claims bonus is protected).

What type of policy you buy: the cheapest type of policy used to be third party only but insurers found that there was a higher level of claims from people who bought this type of insurance. As a result it has risen in price and it is often cheaper to have a comprehensive policy than a 3rd party one which offers less benefits.

Your job: insurers have masses of statistics relating to accidents and the costs of claims in the United Kingdom and they have been able to make comparisons between certain occupations.

Whilst they have found that people like nursery teachers, those working in human resources and other office workers have a relatively low level of accidents, others such as those in more manual occupations such like the building industry, and those that involve a risk of late night driving or alcohol consumption, such as DJs and musicians, tend to have a higher level.

Also those such as professional sports people or others in the entertainment industry, whilst they may not have a higher number of claims, tend to have more expensive ones particularly if personal injury occurs to themselves or passengers, who may be highly paid individuals.


It is easy to see that the cost of car insurance can be quite complex, which is why it is usually possible to get much lower cost insurance by comparing quotes on price comparison sites, rather than visiting just individual insurers. Remember that those that advertise the most heavily are not by any means necessarily the cheapest; after all someone has to pay for those expensive ads. Make sure it is not you.